It's about style. It's about design. It's about quality. And it all starts with a vision. With a diverse and unique background in architecture and construction, we get you results. Using cutting edge 3D technology we make concepts a reality. Whether you are building your first home or flipping an investment property, our expertise will be sure to exceed your expectations.

Darkside Architecture Studio (DAS) is committed to research driven design solutions that are both socially conscious and environmentally sustainable, maintaining the position that our built environment should serve the needs of the present without compromising the future. We believe that good architecture is generous, providing not only financial gain, but also environments that are both physiologically and psychologically beneficial to all stakeholders. DAS is good.


Originally hailing from Sydney Australia, Andre graduated from the University of Sydney; School of Architecture, Design and Planning in 2015, before a stint in London completing his masters at the Royal College of Art, in 2018 - After several years in the industry, working for some of the most notable practices, Andre got registered with the NSW Architects Registration Board and decided to start Darkside Architecture Studio. Andre also teaches Architecture at the University of Sydney weekly.

He boasts a deep knowledge and set of skills in architectural design, team facilitation, problem solving, and various design methodologies - get in touch today!